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  • I have had a laptop stolen recently, however I can see it is comunication with the onecare server.
    Microsoft refused to give me the IP address for this stolen computer due to "Privacy Issues?"

    I then had the police contact Microsoft and they got the same reply.

    This is obviously NOT a privacy issue. The police should have access to my ip address especially if I have given permission. Or Microsoft could just email the ip address to my registered email address.

    How is this a privacy issue? My email, my computer, my onecircle, my request.

    Please, Please help me get this ip address.
    The computer is $2000.00 but the data on it is much more valuable.
    I am willing to pay a tech to look up the data.

    I know the info is there, the stolen computer is communicating with the server
    Tuesday, December 29, 2009 10:39 PM




    I'm sorry to read about the theft and hope that you are successful in getting the PC returned to you and the thief apprehended.

    The last information that I was provided was that the local law enforcement agency with an active case can contact Microsoft and request this information officially. Law enforcement has a special number to call (I do not know this number) and they will need to take care of the legal paperwork to make the request. They will need to know your subscription information, PC name, and other information related to the account and that PC. That still does not guarantee that they can provide anything useful to help locate the PC, unfortunately.
    The most recent request for this has not yielded any satisfactory results.



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    Friday, January 1, 2010 9:04 PM