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  • First computer is an HP Envy h8 PC Series and I had to run the update three different times before finally having a successful outcome.  (Kept getting a message about some type of problem and that the computer was being restored to the previous version.)  When I finally had a successful outcome on that computer I tried doing the update on an HP Laptop and was able to update it with without any problems what-so-ever.  I felt so much better after that outcome that I decided to go ahead and and updated my wife's 24" Dell Inspiron All-In-One.  Everything was looking good till I finally called it a night when the onscreen process showed it had reached 92% and I just couldn't sit there and wait any longer.  (I mean after 92% what could possibly go wrong?!) 

    I got up in the morning to a screen that said something about a problem and the previous version was being re-installed and showed the process had reached the 7% point . . . and after another 18 or so hours the 17 didn't improve one little bit.  I finally restarted the computer, received an error saying there was a problem and the computer would be returned to it's original state and indicated that process would take over an hour to complete.  Nothing changed from that screen for another 20+ hours and I figured my wife's All-In-One had been turned into a BRICK and there was nothing I could do to improve the situation.

    I can't believe Microsoft can tell you there's a problem and give you some type of encrypted code that can mean almost anything but can't tell you what the actual problem is.  I do remember seeing something about a defective file system and even something about possible missing updates.  I even tried using an image file I created before starting the update process in case of a problem and was told the image file had been created by bios and not EFI or something to that effect and it failed to work.  I also tried to use a restore point I created right before running the update and had the same luck as I had with the image file.

    So, I went out and bought a new HP Pavilion that came with Windows 10 Home ver 1709 and have it all set up and running and have all my updates to the 1709 version that I manually downloaded and installed to the original 3 computes.  Just not sure if I really want to take a chance and try to see what type of luck I'll have with a brand new computer that needs God only knows how many and what different updates it needs before I can proceed to try and make it better.  So, I'm off to bed with a system image file being created during the night and will wait also create a new restore point just in case the outcome is the same as before.

    Friday, May 11, 2018 6:48 AM

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