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    Whilst for most people the default Hostname and dynamic IP Address from Router DHCP server is fine, I'd like to be able change the hostname and set a fixed IP address.  Ok, so the hostname is not really an issue, but the IP address is.

    Yes, I have a DHCP Server in my router but unlike my previous router it does not allow me to make manual IP assignments and I miss it!  I think a DHCP server on WHS that would allow me to see a manual assignment for my fixed devices would be a nice feature, I don't think it needs more than this.

    It's not often that my router gets reset, but it does happen, firmware upgrades, power cuts, etc.  As I can't make manual assignments on my DHCP server I've taken to setting most devices to manual, then I don't have to worry about having to change the port forwarding rules on my router.

    Monday, March 12, 2007 3:40 PM