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  • If I have 2 or more Route Planners with a bunch of addresses and stops saved on Streets and Trips, is there any way to combine them all to one without having to retype all the info into one?
    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 8:12 AM

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  • Hi Knight Rider,

    Try to experiment with the Import/Export .GPX Files feature introduced in the Streets & Trips 2010. Let us know if it accomplishes what you want.

    Laptop GPS World
    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 10:03 AM
  • Expanding on Marvin's suggestion ...

    When you export to a GPX file, you are creating a data base file with some header data that gives it the GPX functionality so that mapping software can then import the data.  So, you can do this for two or more files but that will create the equivalent number of GPX files.  To combine all of this data in one file, you can cut and paste the address related data fields into the one unified file and then re-import that GPX file.  However, due to the limitations on what Streets and Trips will import/export in GPX files, you may not get all the data transfered.  Also, there may be complications in cutting and pasting that I have not anticipated above (I have not actually done this myself).

    The following might work better, particularly if your address and stop information is in Pushpins.  You can easily copy either entire pushpin sets or single pushpins from one file to another with all associated data transfered over.  Therefore, if you have created the stops by using the Find process which automatically creates pushpins for each location and saves them in the default Pushpin set (initially "My pushpins") you are ready to go.  If you do not have such pushpins, you will have to create them.  Stops per se cannot be copied if they are not associated with a pushpin. 

    So, now to copy pushpins from several files into one single file.  Open a new S&T file in a normal window and move it to the right of your computer screen (precision is unimportant).  Let's call that file "A".  Now, open another window with S&T in it by clicking on the S&T desktop icon and place that roughly to the left.  You should see two examples of S&T running side by side.  In the newer window to the left, open one of the S&T files that has some of the pushpins(let's call that "B").  Select either a single pushpin or a set of pushpins and copy it (ctrl-c).  Move the mouse to the A window and paste (ctrl-v) anywhere on the map.  The pushpins will drop automatically to the correct locations.  Repeat for C and other files and save A.  In this way all your addresses will be bunched in the A file with all the data and information they originally had.

    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 2:08 PM