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  • I have a desktop pc Presario, using Windows Vista. I am rather illiterate to a computer. (Less than a year). I was told thru a scan prior to signing up for this ONE CARE program I had numerous outdated drivers. (whatever those are). I purchased a program (ParetoLogic Driver  Cure) prior to starting OneCare. As the only available contacts seems to be thru emails or forums ( and this is my first forum), my questions is: I still show that I have outdated drivers even with OneCare, and I need to know whether these two programs conflict with each other before I complete installation of the DriverCure.???  In addition, only comment I would care to make outside of program is that upon initally signing up and installing this OneCare program, it would have been very benifical had I've know that the Defender and Firewall is part of the OneCare pkg, as I spent 2 hours with an onlive tech trying to figure out what I did to my computer that had it telling me my protection was off. After finding out nothing was wrong with my system I felt relieved, but It would have saved that Tech 2 hours of valuable time in not dealing with me had I've known. Thank You for any help I may aquire thru this forum, and I wish any and all reading this to have a wonderful day... 
    Monday, March 30, 2009 10:43 AM


  • I am not familiar with DriverCure, nor would I generally recommend using a program of this type. I do not know if it will conflict, but suspect that it will not, should you choose to install it or a similar program.
    OneCare does not monitor or check for Driver updates.
    In fact, the only reason you would ever want to update drivers is if you are encountering a problem that has been attributed to the currently installed driver. The drivers are supplied by the hardware manufacturer. Often, it is the PC maker, such as HP, Dell, or Gateway, among others, who will maintain the drivers on the PC. They sometimes include a "health check" or "update" program to check for updated drivers and other updates specific for that PC.
    Who actually told you that you had outdated drivers?

    As for Defender and the Firewall, the description of OneCare does mention both as being included in OneCare, but the interaction with Defender is a bit odd on a Vista machine in that Defender can't be uninstalled, just disabled. It is also too bad that the Security Center and OneCare never did get better integrated so that the Security Center was disabled to allow you to only have to see the status of portection in OneCare. I'm sorry that you spent 2 hours of your time with tech support on this issue, but the tech should have known better to have been able to help you within minutes unless there was actually a problem with Security Center, which does happen.

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    Monday, March 30, 2009 3:49 PM