Receiving multiple malicious "unblockable" e-mails on Windows LiveMail RRS feed

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  • Almost a year ago, we started receiving unsolicited/vulgar e-mail. 

    We added sender and sender domain to the blocked senders list, and changed the filter settings to accept only allowed senders mail.Also checked for junk e-mail to automatically bounce back to sender, after the issue got worse.

    This didn't stop the situation, so we began sending everything to spam@uce.gov.  Eventually they slowed down (also after removing an unwanted house guest who seemed to be addicted to pornographic sites...we do have Norton 360 Anti-virus/Spyware program). 

    Recently we had to perform a complete recovery using a factory-made disc set (corrupted registry files, so it indicated).  After this (ridiculously) long process (5-6 hours), we transferred our backed-up files back to the c-drive.

    These illicit e-mails have now doubled and tripled in frequency.

    We have used every option in Live Mail to block these, but they still come through. Live Mail has blocked our own e-mail, but not the malicious ones.

    This has to be the most frustrating program to date.

    Since we came back to computers, after over 2 years of "peace," and have had nothing but aggravation with the entire Windows 7 operating system (problems with adding data to CD's, to e-mail issues, to even password lockouts when it wasn't set for passwords). We never had this problem with Windows 95 or even Windows XP (outlook express...as unpredictable as that one was).

    Hopefully someone can help with this problem, or recommend another operating system/computer manufacturer (we have Compaq Presario, and previously HP Pavillion...which made a wonderful down-range object  =) ).

    Thank you.



    Friday, April 1, 2011 12:30 PM