New Motherboard & OneCare RRS feed

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  • Best Buy's Geek Squad put a new motherboard in my Vista powered HP Pavilion.

    First, the date and time was wrong - set to one hour off (even the the clock reset function said it was on Pac Dlt Svgs time) and June 24th 2009.  I reset set the clock, but this AM it was back to the wrong time and had reset my Blackberry's time and date to the wrong time.  Then Onecare would not let me set the HP as a hub, would not accept my Windows Live password, though I could sign onto Windows Live when directed to the Change Password page - which had no information AT ALL about changing passwords or help with OneCare.

    Unstalled OneCare.

    Reinstalled  OneCare from the Install CD. 

    It still will not let me set this computer as the Hub Computer.  The error message says an unknown problem is preventing it and I should try again later.

    Your Help Screens are worthless fro this problem, and I had the Devil's own time getting to this page.

    I am beginning to question the value of this product. 
    Thursday, March 26, 2009 3:39 PM


  •  If the time keeps resetting most likely your new motherboard has a dead battery or the motherboard is defective. I would start by returning your computer to Best Buy to have it repaired correctly. The date and time issues most likely are causing the One Care issues.
    Thursday, March 26, 2009 3:49 PM