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  • There are many times where I found that someone replied to my answer and I couldn't give the response because I never got an alert. Is there any tool/plugin available by which I can get update as soon as someone reply to my answer?

    Also, though it is "forum feature" forum but still I want to highlight that we can have a well designed forum for MSDN, which will have

    • Instant notification system
    • Subscribe to specific forums
    • Reply/comment - sometimes just to write few words about the answer we need to have to consider reply instead of having simple comment feature. 

    or atleast

    • Nice features like ASP.NET forum

    I may be comparing it with stack overflow, but upgrading is not bad like we do for our software !! :) 

    Glad to help! Please remember to accept the answer if you found it helpful. It will be useful for future readers having same issue.

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  • Hi,

    Do you have your alert address configured under 'My settings'? If not, click on 'My settings' under the 'Ask a question' button in the upper left and then set the address in the 'Configure alerts' section.

    One thing to note before saving any changes in 'My settings' though - you'll need to repaste your signature HTML back into the 'Profile signature' section, as 'My settings' likes to eat HTML tags.

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  • Anuj,

    You need to make sure follwoing is checked in your profile

    Log onto and forum lets say SQl Server databas engine. On top left you would see

    Quick Access with drop down. Select drop down ,locate settings and click on it

    Make sure you have checked Always alert me by default when I post. If that is checked moment you respond to any post the flag is set and if anyone else repornds to it you would get mail to specified mailid from FORUMSUP.

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