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  • 1. If any Money Plus, 2007, or 2006 users use a Live ID (email address plus password), they should remove that with File-> Password Manager. This can only be done if they can get into the Money file. They could then use a "Money password" if they want a password at all. Money 2005 users don't have this ability, and must continue to log in offline.

    2. Do not attempt to reset your Live ID as the program may suggest. Any attempt to do so will not be effective. Only the credentials in effect at the time that you last successfully got in to your Money file will work.

    3. Most users of Money should block all Money access from the Internet to prevent it from trying to access servers that no longer exist. This is a speed issue.

    4. When users install or reinstall Money Plus, they should apply the patch described in what is currently the first post in this forum.

    5. Note some Windows 10 users have reported success getting back into their Microsoft Money files after using System Restore to restore back to a point before a recent update. I don't know what the suspected problem update is.

    For information on how to do one of these things, use the search box above to find prior posts. If the user cannot find the information, the user should post a new thread asking how to perform the desired action.

    Friday, March 30, 2018 5:28 PM