Frozen or Mr. PeaBody & Sherman is the best animation movie so far. RRS feed

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  • Rise of an Empire from holding on to pole position for a second weekend.

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    [/url] And if that's not enough of a belaboured car racing metaphor for you.

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    people at DreamWorks Animation, like those at Pixar, Illumination and Blue Sky Studios, aren't used to silver medal, 

    but they had to make do this weekend in the wake of Rise of an Empire's thunderous arrival. This was a disappointing 

    debut for the studio and its distribution partner Fox, given that stablemate The Croods launched at No 1 taking in 

    $43.6m (£26.1m) at around the same time last year. With The Lego Movie and recent Oscar-winner Frozen on the wan, there 

    is a slim window of opportunity for Peabody to lay down deeper roots before Disney launches Muppets Most Wanted on 21 

    March. In other words: everything to play for this week. We'll know more after the crucial second weekend

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    Among the positive reviews, The Times' Kenneth Turan writes, "Effectively directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who previously worked with Neeson in 'Unknown,' 'Non-Stop' is a crisp, efficient thriller that benefits greatly from the intangibles Neeson can be counted on to supply."
    He adds, "Obviously, those seeking iron-clad plausibility should look elsewhere, but 'Non-Stop' does have its share of unanticipated sequences as well as Neeson's forcefulness. The actor throws himself wholeheartedly into the proceedings, prowling the aisles like a vengeful ghost, trying to keep his own demons in check while matching wits with an enemy who always seems to be one step ahead of him."
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    The New York Times' Manohla Dargis agrees, writing, "'Non-Stop' doesn't make any sense, but that's expected, uninteresting and incidental to the pleasures of a slow-season Liam Neeson release as diverting as this one. A lot has been written about Mr. Neeson's surprising resurrection as an older action hero, which has sometimes been more rewarding theoretically than cinematically. Mr. Collet-Serra, however, makes good on that promise with a sure genre hand and real feeling for what Mr. Neeson brings to the screen at this stage of his career, including beauty etched by time and a still-imposing body that moves with the heaviness and grandeur of an old warrior raising his sword one last time."

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