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  • I am a bit disappointed with Windows 6 mobile. I bought my first Windows-powered phone, a Blackjack, and I thought that it would be easier to navigate with this system than with a Palm. But while its not bad in many respects, the folder system sucks. When I went to Windows Mobile online to download files, it said to download the files to My Documents. After I did that I had to go searching for the stuff I had downloaded because the File Manager had a My Documents folder that was not the same My Documents folder that was on another part of the phone... why duplicate the same folder name? I didn't create that folder... it came with the phone. I had to go searching all over the phone to find my downloaded files and they were in a totally different folder with a My Documents subfolder... please clean up and make it easier to use. Thanx!

    Monday, August 4, 2008 5:04 PM

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  • Do you have a storage card on that device?  if so there's also a my documents folder there as well.  There will always be a my documents folder in the root of the device, and if you use a storage card there will be a my documents folder in the root of that card as well but no where else.  Also any beamed files or downloaded content will automatically go to my documents on the device as the default.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008 1:16 AM