Unwanted folders included during sync RRS feed

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  • This is on Windows 7 64-bit, using SyncToy 2.1

    I have four folders I want to sync;  My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos and a folder I created "My Recordings".  I am navigating to these folders by pointing to "Computer > LocalDisk (C:) > Users > <username>", etc...  I am not starting at the symbolic "Username" link/folder. 

    C:\Users\<username>\My Documents
    C:\Users\<username>\My Pictures
    C:\Users\<username>\My Videos
    C:\Users\<username>\My Recordings.

    I also already have the other (Right) target folders already on the E: (external) drive (and they contain files from a previous mirroring app). They are:

    E:\Mirrors\<username>\My Documents
    E:\Mirrors\<username>\My Pictures
    E:\Mirrors\<username>\My Videos 
    E:\Mirrors\<username>\My Recordings.

    Simple and straightforward, yes?

    Since I am not aware of a way to have more than one folder included in a folder pair, and I'm not sure I trust it to handle excepted folders properly, I have started with just My Documents.  This is on an HP laptop with a locally connected (eSATA) external hard disk drive.  I set up the folder pair as follows:

    Left - C:\Users\<username>\My Documents
    Right - E:\Mirrors\<username>\My Documents

    When I finish Folder Pair setup and use Preview, it lists hundreds of "New" operations where it will Copy files from, for example, the E:\Mirrors\<username>\My Music folder back to a new C:\Users\<username>\My Documents\My Music folder that it would have to create.

    Let me point out the problem there.  It seems to be seeing the My Music folder that exists on the E: drive at the same level of the folder hierarchy as the existing My Documents folder and it intends to insert/move those files as a subfolder to the Left target. 

    This looks to ME as some kind of bizarre (XP legacy?) symlink thing.  Like, it thinks that "My Documents" is the parent folder of My Music and so on, even though those folders don't exist on the actual file system on the C: drive.  I have

    When copying from Left to Right, it seems fine.  It's when Synchronize is chosen and the Right to Left operation is being iterated, that is when I see it applying this strange behavior of grabbing files from ANOTHER folder at the same level of the file system on the Right target and that it intends to copy that 'equal' folder as a subfolder of the Left target heirarchy. 

    I think I may have to go back to RoboCopy after all.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011 10:06 PM