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  • Prompted by a couple of posts in the forum, I've started to test the add-in much more thoroughly with 64 bit Outlook, and I've uncovered a couple of problems:

    • In the Explorer view (64 bit Outlook), the enabled/disabled display states of the reply-all, etc. buttons for received messages are not correct - the actions are in fact disabled, but the buttons are shown as enabled (interestingly, the tooltip shows the correct state). I think I've got a fix for this problem...
    • And, more seriously, when sending an inline response, attempting to disable reply-all, etc. fails, even though the button state is updated (tricking you into thinking that it worked). I've also discovered that this occurs with 32 bit Outlook - I'm sure it used to work, but maybe I'm fooling myself here. At the moment, I don't have a solution for this and might end up removing the ability to disable reply-all from inline responses (you'd have to pop the message out into its own window - which is the current workaround to this problem too).

    Note that I've checked these with Outlook 2013 only - I've not yet examined earlier versions to see if the first error manifests there.

    Apologies for these defects: I'm working towards an updated release to address them.

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013 7:53 AM

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