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  • In each forum, you'll notice that many posts (if not the majority of them) have some recurring subjects. That's more obvious in the "Answers" than in the TechNet forums, because the latter are increasingly addressing some very special issues that are difficult to address in a too general way (at least they have some collection of "frequently asked questions" in the "FAQ on Windows 7 forums", a very unfortunate naming btw - what kind ob subject are "Windows 7 forums"?). But look at the "Windows 7 Answers - Gaming" forum: Questions about DirectX over and over, which version is needed by some game, isn't it enough to have DX 11 installed by default, etc. This one, f.e., would be a nice subject for a "Gaming FAQ", together with some elementary steps one should consider to run a game successfully on Win 7. (A bit more than recommending the use of compatibility settings, please.) Or think of the "Install, Upgrade and Activate" forum: Lately, the most important problem when installing Windows etc. seems to be a tsunami of MSDN/TechNet keys that get blocked, and questions and answers are so repetitive one can't stand them anymore. Why not create a carefully composed sticky (or FAQ) with an "attractive" title to draw attention, designed to minimize the useless amount of ever-the-same Q&A game? Isn't something similar desirable for each forum or content area?

    That won't be the reinvention of a philosopher's stone, surely not. But thinking of a normal search process, I would begin with the more common questions (looking at a FAQ) and only advance further, if the common approach doesn't match my specific circumstances.

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    Thursday, July 22, 2010 9:24 PM

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  • And you believe somebody read that?

    To get faq's is Google, if somebody does not try that first, he surely will not go to the sicky post, use Edit and then search.

    In the developer forums are those faqs, they copy MSDN and are surely not the most frequent asked question (it is already 3 years old).

    Some contain complete nonsense, but it is not even possible to discuss about it, an Moderator has sticked it there and that is it.


    Monday, July 26, 2010 10:58 AM