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  • Hi,


    We have identified many more who are trying to gain points from Referral. Rest assured they will feel the heat.




    So chill rest of u

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 10:56 AM

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  • hey good administration from admins!!!!
    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 10:58 AM
  • But where was this posted!! as an anouncement !!!
    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 10:59 AM
  • No , i sent a msg regarding this issue.

    so he reply me

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 11:13 AM
  • hey this is good news.. i have only two referrals in my account... and they came a long long back.. good to hear that the admins are working hard..

    it will also be nice if honest people like us are rewarded..
    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 11:18 AM
  • when did you get that email...
    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 11:20 AM
  • i have ZERO referrals!!!
    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 11:32 AM
  • Thats really good man, finally the admins have replied. Our words have reached them. They are doing their job very well. They are working hard to find out the people who are doing such activities in this contest here Smile

    Thank you very much Admin.
    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 12:20 PM


    THANK YOU!!!

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 5:00 PM
  • Yes admin doing his work silencely
    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 11:07 PM
  • Thanks admins.. They are now replying to our mails.. I too got  reply for my mail...
    Wednesday, June 13, 2007 12:17 AM
  • Yes , Admin starts replying , i think he is free now
    Wednesday, June 13, 2007 4:27 AM
  • Its good to hear that they finally replied, It will be best if they can put this stuffs on announcements so that everyone gets informed...
    Wednesday, June 13, 2007 1:45 PM
  • they shud have started this in the beginning itself...but still, its a nice move...thank u admin...
    Wednesday, June 13, 2007 5:01 PM
  • Hey guys,

    my rank has got lifted again. I think that Admins have deducted points for referrals. But i think that only 10 persons are targetted, as the rank got up by 10.

    Also, some other persons are there in top 10, who were never there. Don't know how they got there directly.

    Anyways, am happy because of new rank.
    Wednesday, June 13, 2007 6:04 PM
  • good  admin.
    Thursday, June 14, 2007 5:08 AM
  • The admins should do a fair practice, and not only target few people. they should do the same for everyone else too.

    Yogesh where are you man ?You attended the IC finals, can you tell us who the winners are ?
    Thursday, June 14, 2007 5:30 AM
  • it godd dear
    Thursday, June 14, 2007 7:10 AM
  • Hi Harshil, I was back after a long time, was busy in my schedule!!!

    Well its look great to see that fake users being deleted...


    Well IC Final winner of india was Blue Leaf team, u better chkout the name of members at the IC website!!

    Thursday, June 14, 2007 7:13 AM
  • Hey Yogesh, i wasn't able to find out the names in the IC website.

    If you know the names, then can you check whether they are the same students who are in the TOP in the rank list at rockstar right now ?
    Thursday, June 14, 2007 7:36 AM
  • It seems the admins are living upto thier word. With the sudden change in ranks a lot of people are feeling the heat. But do everybody whos rank has gone down,  deserve this heat?
    Thursday, June 14, 2007 3:42 PM
  • I think there are many others whose points for the fake referrals are still to be deducted. The admins should make it a fair game, and do the same for everyone. I am waiting for the admins to do the same for all the other contenders too.
    Thursday, June 14, 2007 4:03 PM
  • honestly speaking.. i feel that the admins are doing their job pretty well and let them continue with it.. and i am keeping my fingers crossed for the results.. rite now i am at rank 38 which i feel is pretty good for a 1st year engineering student..

    what do you guys think..
    Thursday, June 14, 2007 4:54 PM
  • You are right Karthik, it does make you feel very good.. and over it, if you become a Student Partner at such an age, there are no words to describe it... it does make you feel on Sky 9....
    Friday, June 15, 2007 3:53 AM
  • @varun : i don't know if i stand a chance to be a student partner.. i am too young i guess.. and plus i don't have 10k points either..
    Friday, June 15, 2007 4:18 AM
  • You can apply for the student-partner directly from their site. Just download the .xls file , fill it up and email it to them, if they think, then they will call you on phone and take interview.

    Site is here : http://student-partners.com/Default.aspx
    Friday, June 15, 2007 4:50 AM
  • thankx harshil for that link.. let me check it out..
    Friday, June 15, 2007 4:54 AM