Perspective photos RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    The perspective photo is really great to have a kind of 3D like picture of what you were seeing when you took all those photos for panorama. Whatever, the problem with that is that when you look around in "stitch" it's looking awesome, but when you are at the "crop" section, some part are missing and the 3D aspect is gone.

    What about allowing us to crop and save the full perspective image? Even if it's flat after, when you zoom-in and look from left to right after, it will still look 3D.

    Also, about 360° images, what about working with MS Photos app developers to support this kind of thing in the photos app?

    For example, if I really have a cool 360° image, if I save and crop it, it will only take what in front of me, so around 40% of the full image... And the 60% of the image is gone.

    Thank you

    Monday, July 18, 2016 5:38 PM