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    Thought I would post this in case anyone else has this. I have the CRM Outlook client installed on my laptop showing as 8.1.0000.0371 and often work from home.  Every 15 minutes I found network connectivity was lost for about 90 seconds, not only externally via my ADSL router but also on the home network, not only on my laptop but on other devices as well. 

    I installed a monitoring program which effectively pinged the router and an external site every 5 seconds, showing this effect. Also when it occurred task manager on my laptop showed immense outgoing traffic - rising from next to nothing to many megabits.

    I had no problems at all if I closed Outlook. Similarly if I disabled Dynamics CRM Outlook add in no problems. Also Outlook was showing high network usage. The Microsoft CRM Telemetry task in task manager was showing high CPU.

    Finally I checked the the telemetry level  as in https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/itpro/windows/manage/configure-windows-telemetry-in-your-organization

    In registry it was showing as set to level 3, full logging. No idea how it was set to this - may be as a result of the installation. I set it to zero. Now there are no problems, even with the CRM outlook client enabled.

    So I think it is the CRM telemetry program behaving badly.

    BTW I ran multiple virus/malware checks and nothing was found.



    Tuesday, February 21, 2017 11:35 AM