Is it safe/ok to backup an OS running in Virtual Server 2005 on the WHS? RRS feed

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  • Is it ok to install the Home Server Connector on the operating system I'm running inside Virtual Server 2005 on my WHS machine?

    So basically, on my Home Server, I'll be running Virtual Server 2005. And inside Virtual Server 2005, I'll be running Small Business Server 2003. Can the connector successfully do backups with that type of setup? In theory, it should work just fine. If I lose the hard drive the Virtual Server VHD file is located on (not part of the WHS storage pool), I can simply load up Virtual Server 2005, Create a new server on that virtual drive, and and choose my PC Restore Disc as the CD to load from. The Virtual Server would start, and then from the PC Restore Disc I could select the latest backup from the WHS and restore it.

    Like I said... it sounds like it would work. I know this is not something MS supports... but maybe someone has had first hand experience doing something like this? My main concern is that during a normal restore, WHS looks to make sure the disk being restored is the exact same size as the previous failed disk. If it's not, WHS will not restore the latest backup. Being that Virtual Server 2005 uses VHD's, I'm unsure if this would work since the VHD's will constantly be changing size. I know when you start a new server in Virtual Server 2005 it allows you to enter a hard drive size... but I'm pretty sure that's just the maximum size you'll allow the VHD file to grow to.

    So... does anyone know if this would work? Or am I making things more complicated then they need to be? Is there an easier/better way to manage the backups of that OS?
    Monday, October 5, 2009 6:40 AM


  • I expect it will work, when you restore simply choose maximum size for the VHD. WHS will restore to a disk (partition) that's identical or larger in size then the original disk(partition). One thing you should definitely do is test "bare metal restore" of your virtualized SBS to another vhd after you have finished the setup.

    An alternative for backing up live vhd's is described overhere

    EDIT: Please note this not only unsupported but also a violation of the EULA
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    Monday, October 5, 2009 9:06 AM