Application service handle count goes increasing. RRS feed

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  • We have application which connects wmi+perfmon of Windows machine and collects data.

    It has been observed that handle count of application process goes on increasing and not stable. Can I know, why this handle count is goes on increasing?

    Observation of Environment 1 (with 6 Windows target):

    It has been observed that handle count of application process goes on increasing (and not stable). We have checked other counter like private byte of application process but have not observed behavior like handle count. Application is releasing memory properly. (no issue for observed lsass.exe process.)

    Observation of Environment 2 (with 16 Hyper-V target):

    On other environment, we have observe that lsass.exe process handle count is also increasing with application service handle count. Here, we have observed that private byte of lsass.exe is also increasing but application service private byte is not increasing.

    More information about application service:

    Application uses connect() object of ManagementScope class to connect with Windows machine.  We have observed that Windows ManagementScope class does not have any disconnect method. Therefore could it be cause of application service handle count to be increase?


    1) Is application connection with windows machine using connect() method could be the cause of handle count increment continuously?

    2) What could be reason for application service handle count increment?

    3) Is there any relation of handle count increment of application service with lsass.exe process handle count?

    Tuesday, July 21, 2020 11:52 AM