Is it possible to install windows xp on a new sata drive from a running install? can't see sata reboot install, don't have a floppy drive RRS feed

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  • I'm essentially trying to optimize an older machine - currently I am running installed on an old raid 5 controller across 4 disks.. This seems to be bottle necking my speeds - online and off. I have two sata drives on my mobo (ABIT VT7). I can see the drives in the (my computer >) manager, but I can't seem to install windows xp on one of them from the os running on the PCI raid 5. I know it's an older mobo and I should update (478 - P4 3.0) but I want to optimize this machine (more ram, less read/write, new install) for my wife before I build a new one for myself. :p Originally I used this machine as a server (hence the raid, suse enterprise 9) When I set it up as a desktop and bought xp pro I couldn't install on the SATA as I don't have a floppy to install the drivers. I was hoping to install the same version on the sata from the os running on the raid.. Guess you could call it a soft install, as I've already installed the drivers into the copy of the disc i made - but I don't have a cd burner either.. My only other option if I can't install from a running os (in a seperate window or something like a pseudo VOS maybe..?) would be using my friends machine for the moment; move my sata to his machine, install, put it back in my machine and booting from that install.. 

    I've searched everywhere for something that would not be convoluted.

    Thanks for your time! - and I apologize if this is in the wrong forum.
    Sunday, July 5, 2009 7:29 PM