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  • Hi there, first of all can't wait till the various books on PS2010 are available - I'm sure they will answer many questions...

    So, what's bothering me today...

    When creating an EPT, how is the Project Template actually used?  What do I mean by that?  Well, I have the EPT, the Phases, the Stages (activities) and...hold on Activities?  Aren't these the same as tasks in a Project Template?  Is there any reason for me not to create all activies for a project as stages?

    Ok stages don't have resources assigned to them as such...but if you're a company like ours then our project template will have all the requesite stages in it...do we have to edit our project templates and remove the stages as they are defined in the EPT?

    Does that make sense?  An example

    • Create Phase
    •     Initial details
    •     Decision
    •     Cancelled
    •     Continue
    • Manage Phase
    •     Planning
    •     Build
    •     Delivery
    • ...

    If we build the EPT with two phases then only the Create would have the PDPs and the Manage would have the actual project template associated with it, wouldn't it?

    So Why associate an EPT with a Project Template rather than the Phase being linked to the Project Template?

    Does the Project Template only become active after (demand management) selection or does it become active at the start of the "new project"?

    so many questions...

    Thanks and regards

    Sunday, January 2, 2011 12:36 PM