Sync of data with Dyn Connector (2011 to 2013) RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I am new to the Dynamics Connection. So please bear with me :-)

    I have a on-prem CRM 2011 and a CRM 2013 online.

    I have installed the connector, and configured the adaptor for the source and the destination. So far so god.

    I have then created a map of the 2011 Account to the 2013 Account, and mapped a few fields: Account Name, Street 1 etc. No pick lists or lookups. (The 2011 is a UK language and the 2013 is a Danish)

    Then I was expecting that the connector would read the Accounts from the on-prem 2011 and create them in the CRM 2013 online.

    What am I doing wrong? Best Regards

    Jacob Mondrup


    At first, simply nothing happened. Then I created i new account on the 2011, and then this error was logged: "The given key was not present in the dictionary." as if the connector was synchronizing an existing account?

    Wednesday, June 25, 2014 2:43 PM