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  • Hi,

    After a long gap I am writing small project, WebForms to calculate the mouse rotation movement speed. Also the timer has to analyse, the clock wise direction speed only. Suppose if there is any Anti-Clock wise direction mouse movements, then the timer no need to calculate the speed. Therefore the speed calculation is required for clock wise directions only.

    As a initial start-up, I draw a circle to centre of screen. And also I detect the direction of mouse rotation movements. ok. But I don't know how to setup the timer & measure it's speed. Any guidance & helps will be great.


    My Codes:-


    <div id="Divn1" onmousemove="MyNewFunction(event)" onmouseout="ClearCoor()" style="width:99%; height:99%; border:solid;background-color:white; ;"> <p id="Demo1"></p> <div id="Divn2" style="width:50px;height:50px;border-radius:50%;background-color:brown; ; top:45%; margin-left:47%;"> </div> </div>

            function MyNewFunction(e)
                var oldx = 0;
                var oldy = 0;
                if (e.movementX < oldx) {
                    XDirection = "left"
                } else if (e.movementX > oldx) {
                    XDirection = "right"
                oldx = e.pageX;
                oldY = e.pageY;
                document.getElementById("Demo1").innerHTML = XDirection;
            function ClearCoor()
                document.getElementById("Demo1").innerHTML = "";

    Note : Above code will show a circle on center of page & will show the mouse rotation direction. But need to analyse the speed by timer...

    Thanks for the helps again.


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