Can I play a video using MediaPlayerElement with System.IO.Stream? RRS feed

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  • Below code snippet shows what I have done to receive a stream which was sent by a WebSocketServer. Here what I am doing is, waiting until the whole byte array comes in and write the byte array to a file and loads the video as the source of the MediaPlayerElement. So with this implementation I have to wait until the whole video received. 

    Do I have a way to play the video while it is receiving?

    Just converting the stream into IRandomAccessStream doesn't solve the issue.

    mediaPlayerElement.Source = MediaSource.CreateFromStream(readStream.AsRandomAccessStream(), ".mpeg");

    It throws an error saying "Cannot use the specified Stream as a Windows Runtime IRandomAccessStream because this Stream does not support seeking."

    Can anyone suggest me a solution?

    private async Task ReceiveDataAsync(StreamWebSocket activeSocket)
                Stream readStream = streamWebSocket.InputStream.AsStreamForRead();
                int bytesReceived = 0;
                    byte[] readBuffer = new byte[FILE_SIZE];
                    byte[] buffer = new byte[FILE_SIZE];
                    while (true)
                        if (streamWebSocket != activeSocket)
                            // Our socket is no longer active. Stop reading.
                            AppendOutputLine("Background read stopped.");
                        int read = await readStream.ReadAsync(readBuffer, 0, readBuffer.Length);
                        for (int i = bytesReceived; i < bytesReceived + read; i++)
                            buffer[i] = readBuffer[i - bytesReceived];
                        bytesReceived += read;
                            StorageFile newFile = await KnownFolders.PicturesLibrary.CreateFileAsync(OUTPUTFILENAME,
                            await FileIO.WriteBytesAsync(newFile, buffer);
                            mediaPlayerElement.Source = MediaSource.CreateFromStorageFile(newFile);
                        DataReceivedField.Text = bytesReceived.ToString();
                catch (Exception ex)
                    WebErrorStatus status = WebSocketError.GetStatus(ex.GetBaseException().HResult);
                    switch (status)
                        case WebErrorStatus.OperationCanceled:
                            AppendOutputLine("Background read canceled.");
                            AppendOutputLine("Error: " + status);

    Wednesday, October 14, 2020 1:06 PM

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    Michael Taylor http://www.michaeltaylorp3.net

    Wednesday, October 14, 2020 2:53 PM
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