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  • I'm trying to create HTML signatures for my job and we all use Macs, therefore Outlook 2011 for Mac. We've only been successful in creating the signature using a Windows computer running Outlook. 

    I've read numerous articles, forums, etc. and have had zero luck finding anyone who has successfully created an HTML signature and used it with Outlook for Mac 2011.

    I cannot get the images to show up when I email from my Exchange (work email) account to a Gmail, hotmail, or other account. It simply shows some HTML tags with the links to the images and links to the hyperlinks, but is all plain text and not HTML at all. My encoding is set to UTF-8 in the Composing tab under the Outlook Preferences.

    Things I've tried:

    1. Creating an HTML file in Dreamweaver, opening in a browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome), then selecting all (CTRL+A), then copying all (CTRL+C), and then going to Outlook signatures and pasting (CTRL+V) into the signature box, assigning the signature to the appropriate account. I then sent a test email from my Exchange (work email account) to several other emails (gmail, hotmail, etc.) and each time, the html signature does not come through as HTML - but as plain text with links to the images and hyperlinks.
    2. Creating the signature in Outlook's signature box itself. I dragged/dropped an image from Finder to the Signature box, added text, and hyperlinks (but am unable to hyperlink icons/images I dragged over...the image just disappears and the actual hyperlink text shows instead). I've then assigned the signature and tested by sending. Again, no images show when receiving the email to a gmail or hotmail account, etc.
    3. Tried using the same signature file (the HTML file I created in Dreamweaver) and doing the copy/past method (#1 above) using a Windows Machine + Outlook, it worked fine.
    4. Tried remote logging into the Windows Machine and copying/pasting that code which worked in #3, and pasting to the Outlook Signature box on the Mac machine. It did not copy the images, only the text. Failed again.

    Any and all help is much appreciated. I'm about to go crazy because I have yet to find a way which allows for nicely formatted HTML signatures to be sent from MS Outlook (using Exchange) to a gmail, hotmail, etc. account.


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