Is search result sorting broken? RRS feed

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  • If I do a search of some forum (say developing Store apps in C#) for two terms like: "ObservableCollection" AND "Thread" - then I get a list of results. If I then alter the sort order to "Most Recent Post" then it reorders the list but no longer limits the listed items to those containing both search terms.

    This is not only annoying its almost useless and frankly I expect a tad better than this from a company which is striving to take market share from Google - a search company.

    Of course I may be doing something wrong - if so please tell me how to search that specific forum for all posts that contain the terms "ObservableCollection" AND "thread" and list the matching posts so that the first listed is the most recently posted.



    Monday, October 21, 2013 7:46 PM


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