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    Well, it lasted on my computer for 5 days whle using the free trial and experiencing the program and all of the things it is supposed to do.  After several problems with OneCare, and being online for much more time than I'd really like (trying to get support, and having problems with this forum automatically logging me off when I hit the Reply button to respond to questions or comments), I've decided that Windows Live OneCare is not worth it...I've had too many problems over the last 4 and a half days to warrant having the program on my system.  I can keep my computer up-to-date very easily, I can keep my computer free of viruses and spyware, and I can keep my computer running quite well with a few little tweaks.  I do not need to pay the yearly cost of subscription to Microsoft... especially when I can do the same work for free.


    Do not respond to this message, I have made up my mind and I no longer have Windows Live Messenger on my system...and I rarely check my Windows Live Mailbox... so I will not be informed of any updates or reply's to this message.  I do not wish to afford the yearly membership, I can't aford it anyway (yes, my budget is that tight).


    Nice try OneCare, but I think I will survive on my own without the headaches the OneCare program caused.


    Kevin K. Jensen

    regular Email:  kkjensen1@netzero.net

    Windows Live Email:  kevy-mt@live.com

    Saturday, February 2, 2008 6:03 AM