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  • Thanx for the great application.

    1- Sometimes I start blogging and writing, and when I want to publish it I discover that I am logged into the wrong blog of the blogs in my list . So it should be like everytime I launch Live writer it asks me "to which blog do you want to post" (if I have more than one of course).

    2- There should be an audible notification when the publishing process completes so I know it did and check its results. This is important because I do other things while it is publishing.

    3- There should be the ability to assign default font type and color and size instead of having to change it to what I like everytime I write. These options should also be available from the main window and the default toolbar in the main Live Writer's window, instead of having to click that A icon everytime I wanna change a color or font size, which is very tiring.

    4- There should be the option to select the type of input (right to left or left to right). Now it is very diffcult to ajust the writing direction especially when inputting right to left languages (like Arabic - Hebrew), and left to right language in the same post/page.

    5- a bar for keywords should be added next to the tags bar (keywords for the meta, not actual link tags).

    6- BUG- the program asks if I want to publish without adding tags, although the tags are indeed added.

    Please notify me if you get this message. Thanx very much

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 2:20 PM

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  • Just a few things:

    3. The fonts are based on your blog's fonts. Generally speaking, if you want them different in writer, surely you want them different on your blog?

    5. If your blog supports it, there is a keywords section, pressing F2 will bring that bar up (or you can click on the little chevron in the bottom right.

    6. You say you have added tags, but did you use the Insert Tags link on the right hand side? If not, then those are the tags the warning is on about.

    SL - Windows Live Platform MVP
    Tuesday, April 7, 2009 2:56 PM
  • Thanks for the feedback!

    1) Did you know, you can actually switch blogs even after you have started writing (and even after publishing, if you want)?

    4) Are you using the Arabic or Hebrew build of Writer? If so, you should have left-to-right and right-to-left direction buttons on your toolbar. If you're using a different language build of Writer (such as English), is the default direction on your blog right-to-left? If so, you can use Blog | Edit blog settings | Editing | Text Direction, to tell Writer this (though we try to detect it correctly based on your blog homepage). If this setting is set to Right-to-left then that's another case where the direction buttons will appear on the toolbar.

    We haven't had RTL authors give feedback about Writer's RTL functionality so PLEASE let us know whether these buttons are helpful and work well for you.

    5) Currently, there's no way to tell blogs what to put in the meta keywords. Are you doing this for SEO reasons? I thought search indexers ignored meta tags nowadays.

    6) Yes, it's a bug (well, technically it's considered By Design but it's a ____ design). Scott's right, that option refers to the Insert Tags link which puts Technorati tags in the body of your post. In our next major release this functionality will work as expected.
    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 1:07 AM
  • Hey people.  Thanx for interest.

    1- I know that I can switch blogs during and after publishing, but if I do it during writing, sometimes the post is lost. This is not tested extensively,  but it happened once.

    3- for SCOTT, you might me right about the fonts being based on my blog's settings, but that doesnt cancel the need to have the ability to set default font type and size from the WLW settings. Btw, there is nothing like setting "default font settings" in Wordpress for instance. And anyway, maybe I want to set different font settings in WLW than the default settings in my blog, and that is another reason why it is important to have this option.

    4- for JOE, I know about the text direction setting, and I earler said that the problem is first the absense of the direction buttons, and second, the problem that I have when I include BOTH English AND Arabic text inside the same post. I cannot assign a different direction for each bit of these texts, because the direction setting applies on the whole text (Arabic and English), so one of these will suffer the bad organization.
    And I wasnt given the option to select which build I want so I choose the Arabic - Hebrew build. Where is that ?

    5- for SCOTT. My blog supports keyowrds, and yet I dont see it even in the bottom options menu. 

    For JOE, Yes I am using that for SEO, as I dont want to add bunch of tags that will appear in the blog as links. I rather want to include other keyrods that are in the meta, not shown publicly. 

    6-  I have just noticed that there is another "tags" option apart from the tags bar that appear next to the categories bar. I dont understand what is the difference between them. I used to add tags in the bar next to the cats, not the tags link on the right sidebar, and it notified me that I didnt add tags. And why does it ask about tag provider anyway? Arent these tags the normal tags that appear in each post with no regard to "providers"? 

    I stress the need to have the font settings appear in the main layout (size, type, and color)

    Thank U
    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 7:18 AM
  • 1) If you're seeing the post being lost after switching blogs, PLEASE let us know about it as that would constitute a major bug. We would need to see your log file (Help | About | Show log file).

    3) Do you mean you want to type in Writer using a different font/style than you would eventually see on the published post? Or that you want posts published from Writer to actually look different than posts published from the WordPress dashboard?

    For WordPress the way you modify default font is by modifying the theme's CSS. The problem with setting the font in Writer (by default or otherwise) is that changing your blog's theme in the future will not affect the text that had its font set in Writer. I realize it is less convenient to set the font correctly in your theme but it will be far more inconvenient in the future if you decide you want to change that font globally across all posts.

    5/6) If you're using WordPress, then the "Tags" field at the bottom is to set the WordPress native tags. You should ignore the Insert Tags command on the sidebar and the "Remind me to use tags" setting in options, those features were created before WordPress tags existed.

    If your WordPress install is letting you set the meta keywords, then I'm guessing it must be a WP plugin that is adding that feature. There's no way for Writer to communicate this information to WordPress, the current blogging protocols don't support it.

    Hope that helps...

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009 3:50 PM