Is it possible to stream H.264 with Dolby 5.1 to Xbox (or PS3) with Power Pack 2? RRS feed

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  • I am trying (wondering if it is possible) to stream H.264 with Dolby Digital surround audio from my WHS to Xbox 360.  I have only macs in my household (the WHS admin is the Windows 7 beta boot camped and is rarely used).  I am using Handbrake ver. 0.9.3 to encode my DVDs.

    I had Tversity installed but didn't really like it and would prefer to just use the WMC on the Xbox media blade.

    What I'm seeming to find is that I can get DD (AC3 passthru) if I encode the video in Xvid and an AVI container.  The pictrure quality using this route was poor for some movies, so I stopped migrating my library.

    I was excited to hear about the Power Pack 2 update since it brings support for mp4 and H.264.  The video works great and looks fantastic now, however, my only audio options are AC3 and AAC.  AC3 changes the container from mp4 to m4v (which I read is sort of not even a change).  When I try to play an m4v with AC3 on the Xbox, I get an unsupported format error.  I thought I read that m4v was included with mp4 in the PP2 features?   When I use AAC (6 channel discrete), it does not play in 5.1.  I get stereo when I play using the Xbox and silence when I play using the PS3.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.  I'm pulling my hair out.

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009 2:41 AM