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  • I thought I would never purchase another Microsoft product after the huge Windows Vista failure. I went out and bought a new HP Envy core 17, 16 gigs or ram. 

    Windows 10 on this laptop is sluggish, slow, shell keeps on crashing and restarting. There's no easy way to remove apps from the store. Windows update messed up my Windows installation and for some reason the restore partition after the update was gone so I had no media to re-install Windows 10. HP said I need to ship it back to them to have Windows 10 restored because they said an original install media if mailed to me would now work!!!! I try to Left click on a thumb drive icon in Widows explorer to format a thumb drive and Windows shell stops every time and restarts. Seems as if many of the apps from the Microsoft store don't even work and are not maintained.

    To say the least I'm very un-happy and very pissed at Microsoft  for releasing this piece of garbage operating system to the public.

    I would like to thank the Linux community for releasing very stable Linux distro's that are free, and run superior to Microsoft Windows theses day. 

    My regards.

    Got Linux?.. Get Linux Mint!

    Friday, June 1, 2018 6:23 PM