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  • I have been creating a concept interface that provides something that I think WM currently needs. As my first-ever started message, let's see if discussions are going to heat up.

    Here is my vision for the homescreen:
    1. The homescreen needs a lot of make-over. The thick bottom bar should be removed and the "task bar" (or the top bar because in WM 6.5.1, the start button is located at the bottom) should be minimized, relocating the start button to the middle, turning it into a semi-transparent status bar.

    2. The options originally provided by the bottom bar and some from the slide interface should be moved to the four bubbles at the edges, like contacts, music, keypad (of course), calendar  and messages. When we slide those "bubbles" to an opposite edge, it changes to the respective page. This is not like loading a new program as they are integrated as a part of the today screen.

    3. Of course, like some other mobile plateforms, we should include several other today pages for widgets or shortcuts.

    4. In the main today screen, which is the first screen that you return to when you boot, there should not be more options than just the necessary ones including time, schedule, the start button, which is the large central button at the centre, the status bar and the four bubbles (we need to think about ways to maximize minimized programs, though).

    5. Last but not least, I am not very impressed with the start menu. I do think imagination is a key point in producing a good menu so I’d go for a big wheel that you can scroll and see the applications in a number of 4 or 5 at once. Descriptions can be added for starter, too.

    And here are my suggestions for MIE:

    1.     As I mentioned earlier, why would we ever need the bars? I mean, in my opinion, only the site bar is necessary. Kill all the others (including the annoying status bar, which would be almost, ).

    2.     Ask: How do we go back to the previous page, close, or minimize it? Well, I bet you know the answer. Drawing my idea of bubbles at the edges, I think that’s a pretty awesome idea to have the functions of “back”, “close”, “zoom+” and “zoom-” on them.

    3.     Another important idea is that when you hold and slide the buttons, additional options can be activated, like minimize or go to a page that you visited 15 minutes ago

    In this case, the browsing area can be so much larger, actually optimizing the browsing experience. Perhaps as a mini touchpad below the page can help with scrolling, too.

    After running through this, what I am trying to say is, instead of putting a complicated user interface with unorganized stuff and successions from previous versions, there should be innovations made to this platform. To be more user friendly, we should organize the features in a more sophisticated way. If IPhone has the advantage of redefining the Smartphone concept, we should be doing something that we do best as WM itself is designed for higher-demanding users.

    What do you think of this? Mind sharing your own ideas?

    Saturday, February 6, 2010 9:33 PM