Detect changes in a folder, list the changes and then File sync, Microsoft Sync Framework RRS feed

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  • I have a source folder which has some files e.g. "tttt.txt", First, I want to detect a change in its content and secondly, I want to have a collection of the changes happen to the file since the last run. Then finally I would go for the sync with other folder.

    Uptill my research, I found that there is a metadata file from the FileSyncProvider that keeps track, is there a way to read this file to get the changes? or some other technique that could be used with MSF, couldnt find any example for this. 

    Any idea is also welcome to use the MSF with other techniques to achieve the same.

    I have tried the sample code example given on the msdn web, but couldnt find the solution for the above mentioned problem.

    The samle on msdn first sync the folders and then fire some events. I try to fire the events first but it doesnt work. I am a beginner in all of this so any help in this regard is higly helpful.

    I have also posted the question in other forum with some less requirementw to detect the file changes only and I got the answer as Filesystemwatcher to detect the changes in the file. 

    Monday, October 16, 2017 9:01 AM