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  • Still looking for a PVR replacement but DVBLogic looks like it might do the job.

    Have gone down the Plex Windows App route (The clostest replacement to WMC player so far) but they are saying they are hamstrung by limitations of the App sandbox? and Windows Media Foundation.
    I need some concrete information from the Windows Media Centre People or Windows Media Foundation people so that developers can be steered in the right direction to help people like me switch over from WMC to something else without major headaches, frustrations, days and days of conversion and metadata reentry.

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    Since Windows Media Centre almost didn't make it into Windows 8 I have been looking to move to something else before it disappears for good.

    While it might just make it into Windows 10 there certainly won't be any future development.

    I not a big fan of Microsoft products but WMC is one application they nailed

    Some additional smart recording options

    i.e. I had to add "The Big Bang Theory - Return", "The Big Bang Theory - New", "The Big Bang Theory - Finale" etc to my series recording

    A proper library manager (Plex does a great job of this) e.g. by series, season, episode - Movies - Documentaries etc with additional data downloaded.

    A few more playable formats/containers

    It would be perfect.

    A proper Library wasn't as important as most of the metadata could be viewed directly in windows explorer.

    Not supported with other containers.

    This brings me to the first obstacle.

    All the alternatives I have looked at so far can't or won't support .wtv files

    Converting the files to another format/container loses all the explorer properties. (And some of the metadata completely)

    Discussions I have had so far are pointing the finger at the "Windows Media Foundation"

    I.e. Developers can't do anything with .wtv files because WMF doesn't support them.

    So the question is: If Windows Media Centre is no longer viable for Microsoft why haven't they atleast provided the tools for developers to support the format/container they forced upon so many users of their product.

    i.e. Metadata reader/writer

    Codec/Container? player?

    I need a replacement for Windows Media Centre: What is/are the alternative(s)?
    Friday, April 3, 2015 10:03 PM


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