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  • How can I find the most influential papers /authors /conferences/journals?

    Microsoft Academic Search generates web pages with ranked objects for academic world. Users can use this page to discover influential papers, authors, conferences, journals, keywords, and organizations within their field.

    Search results are sorted based on two factors: their relevance to the query and their global importance, which is calculated by its relationships with other objects.


    How to realize advanced search?

    Advanced search enables us to search on specific fields like keywords, paper titles, author, conference, journal and date.

    We can also input structured queries in the normal search field. For example, it is possible to search for all "data mining" related papers published after 1999 by entering "data mining year>=2000". For more of the structured query language, please refer to Help .


    How can I find co-author relationship of a scholar?

    You may refer to the left-side bar in an author detail page to find out a list of Top Co-Authors of this scholar.

    We also provide a visual map of the co-operating network of authors- Visual Explorer. This Explorer not only shows you co-author relationship, but also provides quick overview of co-written papers and brief information of scholars.


    How to keep myself updated of authors/conferences/journals that I’m interested in?

    In the object detail page of author, you can click the subscribe icon to follow author’s update. You may also subscribe updates of particular search query, like “data mining”, in the search result page.


    How can I report errors?

    If you find any incorrect or out-of-date information about authors or papers, you can make corrections or updates directly online.

    For any comments/suggestions about our service, just feel free to let us know .

    How are the statistics associated with Author Profiles (e.g., Citations) calculated?

    The information associated with Microsoft Academic Search author profiles is derived from the tens of millions of scholarly articles currently indexed within the service. Most of these articles have reference lists that Microsoft ingests and processes. The indexed articles and ingested references help create a snapshot of individual authors' publication history, productivity, and impact. As more content is indexed within Microsoft Academic Search, the accuracy and completeness of our author profile data will continue to improve.

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