Another pleasant surprise on restoring from from WHS on a dual boot linux/xp home client RRS feed

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  • I was installing some test software on one of my test machines and sure enough it hosed up the machine pretty good.

    It is a dual boot, while that is lie it actually has xp and two different version on linux on it using the grub boot load from linux.

    I had to restore the XP section and searched through the threads seeing what results people had restoring dual xp/linux boxes and did not see any positive news. 

    Both linux installs are just for testing anyways so I thought what the heck, I would give it a shot. I put the restore boot disk in and then check the disk manager section and made sure it was going to restore my partition 1 and even though it gave me the "I am now going to eat your disk" message I closed my eyes and said ok.

     It ran for about 25 minutes and then came up with a message that said "press finish to restart" so I did and nothing, nada, message goes away and the background stays in the screeen.  So I went to bed and left it over night just in case it was off doing something weird and wonderful.   Woke and still in same spot so I power off the machine and powered it on and
    there to my delight was the beautiful grub menu with all my options.

    I boot into windows and up comes my xp system.   This is just great for me. XP back the way it was and both my Linux versions OpenSuse 10.1 and  OpenSuse 10.3 intact.

    Again just wanted to document the success with this.  I am pleased.

    Now if they would only make a Linux Connector to allow backup of the Linux systems as well.(I can dream can't I?)

    Sunday, February 17, 2008 6:06 PM