Windows Live Essential wldlog.dll NOT WORKING/CANT DELETE well here is the 100% fix, FREE RRS feed

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  • Cant run messenger live or DELETE windows live essentials 2011  - wldlog.dll all the time, pain in the ****, here’s how to do it free of charge 100%, any more problems email me on thehullman@hotmail.com.


    STEP 1: download zap messenger http://en.softonic.com/s/zap-messenger-2011 and run

    STEP 2: when that’s done,  go to the start and type: regedit

    STEP 3: select edit (top left)

    STEP 4: select find

    STEP 5: type in messenger and then select findnext

    STEP6: delete everything messenger

    STEP7: after that go back to find and type in windows live and delete everything again

    STEP8: if you haven’t already got it install vuze torrent d/l  http://www.vuze.com/

    STEP9: when vuze has downloaded open a new ie window and type btjunkie

    STEP10 : in btjunkie search for: perfect uninstaller and dl it on vuze

    STEP11: run perfect and uninstall on the top left everything windows live and messenger

    STEP12: this might take some time to do but worth it, when everything has been deleted that’s it, your

                    100% clear of live and messenger.

    STEP13: re-install windows live essentials 2011 and messenger, ignore any error messages and just keep

                    selecting next

    STEP 14: restart windows and good luck!
    Monday, May 2, 2011 12:00 PM