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  • I re-installed my geniune Vista Home Premium onto my computer. I decided to allow the updates. When I re-booted my system it said it failed to load the interactive login. I re-booted, this time my copy said in the bottom right hand corner:

    "Windows Vista (TM)
    Build 6000
    This copy of Windows is not genuine"

    Firstly, how dare Microsoft accuse me of not using genuine software. This is an attack on my integrity; it should say that this copy of Windows Vista cannot be validated as genuine.

    I intalled the WGA from the microsoft website which told me that it was genuine.

    I installed the remaining optional updates, rebooted my computer and now Vista won't even launch.

    I get the Microsoft Windows loading bar followed by a half-second blue screen of death before a few seconds of a blank screen then my system restarts.

    This happens for normal, last good known boot and safe mode.

    I find this utterly ridiculous and am livid that Microsoft have not sorted this out yet and is mistaking geniune owners for illigitimate ones.

    Wednesday, February 6, 2008 11:28 AM


  • Hello Beddo,


      The behavior that you describe"get the Microsoft Windows loading bar followed by a half-second blue screen of death before a few seconds of a blank screen then my system restarts."  Is not a result of Vista claiming to be Non-Genuine. Even if a copy of Vista is Non-Genuine, Vista will allows the user to access it to get importent files, troubleshoot the issue and so on. I can only assume that whatever problem that is causing Vista to continualy reboot, was also what caused Vista to claim to be Non-Genuine.


      I am only speculating, but the description of the way Vista loads a little and then blue screens and then reboots, sounds allot like what happened to my mother XP computer a couple of years ago when it got a Worm. It would continually load a little and then reboot...over and over. If it was a Worm, that is causing the rebooting,  then that would also explain the Non-Genuine error because the more malicious Worms (such as the one my mother got) will modifiy system files (that Vista monitors) and when that happens, Vista thinks someone is trying to hack around it's security and would display the Non-Genuine error.


      Whatever the actual cause is, all my WGA troubleshooting techniques require access to the OS and since Vista keeps rebooting, the issue is way outside my area of knowledge.  I highly recommend contacting your primary warrenty support provided. Either Microsoft (http://support.microsoft.com), if your Vista was bought Retail or the Computer Manufacturer if your Vista came pre-installed on your computer.


      On a side note: the way I fixed my mother's computer was during the time XP was loading (right before the reboot) I inserted the XP install disk and during the next reboot, the computer booted the disk instead of loading the infected windows. I then just reinstalled her XP.


    Very sorry for your troubles and hope it works out well,

    Darin Smith

    WGA Forum Mnager


    Wednesday, February 6, 2008 9:42 PM