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  • I am going to replace my C: drive HD because it has a few bad sectors in it and before it lets me down.  I bought a new HD and decided to make sure it was OK before I started the laborious process of re-installing Windows and all the other programmes.  I took out the backup F: drive HD and put the new HD in its place however when I go into "Computer" it does not show up at all.

    I have gone into disk management to initialise the HD and it shows C: as disk 0 and below that the new HD that I put in as disc 1 but no designation on it.

    Whilst I am allowed to re-designate the C: if I wanted to, it will not give me the opportunity to designate a drive number to the new disc.

    Below this is the list of the UHB drives designated G to J and then the Rom drives designated D and E

    It shows that the new HD space is unallocated If I look at “properties it says that the disk is working properly

    I am thinking that if I could at least format the HD then I might stand a chance of the computer recognising it, BUT I can’t find a way.

    I thought that in Windows 7 when a new HD was installed the system automatically set it up etc. This did not happen.

    Incidentally when I connect the old HD (designated F:) to the computer via one of the USB drive ports is still shows as F:

    If I look into the BIOS settings it does show the new HD it its correct place.

    Any help would be appreciated.  I am pulling my hair out!!!!!!!
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  • Hi benjak,

    I'd like to know below two:
     1. screenshot of Disk Management
         [Windows]+[R] > enter "diskmgmt.msc" > [OK]

      2. How to migrate Windows from the old HDD to the new one.
         (I usually use Acronis TrueImage for OS-migration.)
    Sunday, December 11, 2016 11:29 PM
  • This issue is not related to Windows Desktop Perfmon and Diagnostic tools.

    Here is the forum for you.

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    The Windows Desktop Perfmon and Diagnostic tools forum is to discuss performance monitor (perfmon), resource monitor (resmon), and task manager, focusing on HOW-TO, Errors/Problems, and usage scenarios.

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