Arghhhhhhh!!! Program won't start again and keeps displaying AT RISK RRS feed

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  • This program must be devised by people who hate other people.  Or maybe a crazy person who wants to drive the rest of us insane.  I can understand how people get so mad they do horrible things.


    Once again this %&*((&%%&& program is not running correctly.  It notified me that there was a thread (no indication of which email had the threat or if it was even an email (usually it's a good idea to let people know where the shots are coming from so the threat can be deleted).  I'm assuming it was an email since that's what I was doing.  I gave it permission to delete the threat then tried bringing the program up so I could see if the AT RISK notice was something important or just the program pisssed because I disabled automatic update (which I wouldn't have had to do if someone used some common sense about updating).  I disabled the auto update because I lost 3 days worth of work when it not only downloaded the items (which I wouldn't mind) but restarted my computer without permission. 


    Then I get the at risk notice because I haven't added a computer to this "circle"  I don't have a second computer to add and even if I did I'd use Panda to protect it as I hate Live One Care.           


    SUGGESTION:   Could you poeple please add a thing that says NO SECOND COMPUTER TO ADD!!!!!!!!!   



    And now the stupid program just sits blank with the hour glass showing everytime I run my cursor over the window. 


    You know even FREE this program isn't worth it. 


    I don't know why anyone would pay for it? 


    Any ideas why this "program" isn't working once again????? 


    Any ideas on how I can over-ride the at risk notice??????


    Do I need to buy a program to examine the LIVE ONECARE program.    


    If the problem can't be fixed and this is just going to continue I think I'm going to have to termate the program and buy a good anti virus program from Panda.  It's what I used before and NEVER HAD THE HEADACHES I HAVE WITH THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE. 


    Will I even be able to remove the program or will it be a repeat of AOL where I have to wipe the entire hard drive?

    Thursday, July 3, 2008 7:11 PM