Rework the UI adding colors indicating various statuses, etc. RRS feed

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  • Change the colors of the posts so that we can tell the state of a question, discussion, etc. at a glance.  See the image below for a potential layout.  Please note that there are suggestions for the following:

    1. Color scheme - Each post type has its own color.  People can tell at glance the status of each post.
    2. Locked threads - Right now, the Locked icon is very hard to see.  Make it obvious.
    3. Put the name of the thread poster and the last person to comment in DARK FONT.  Right now that information is grayed out and hard to read.  This is possible the most important information prior to reading the actual post.  It should be prominently displayed.
    4. Remove the thread preview.  Titles provide plenty of information about the thread.  The preview text just clutters up the interface.
    5. Move the post expand arrow to the end of a post - it will interfere less with active text and make it much easier to navigate the page for users with touch screens.
    6. Replace the Vote block with a display of the avatar of the original thread poster. - Some users follow posts by certain people.  This makes find these posts at a glance very easy.


    Friday, June 21, 2013 2:14 PM