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  • Hello All,

    Seeing as Vail can be a central Server for Files, videos, music and backups, I thought it should also be a central point for AV/Firewall.

    Anyone who has loaded this up, will notice the system notifications that bring to your attention issues like Updates, firewall and AV. For myself I want a central place to monitor everything on my home network (I do have a domain and servers but i also have a Media environment for my family 2 laptops and 3 desktops)

    Well in testing Vail I set it up on a 64bit box with vsphere and a few TB of drive space. Also I setup 2 TB USB drive for full back of all data (due to reports of losing information) I removed all my computers that are used for entertainment purpose (see above) and did a fresh install of 7, 32/64bit.

    Now all of them are connected to the Vail server and all are using wireless N (server has 2 gigport Nics to Linksys Setup Media Center on all machines to media shares (used Shark codec for viewing all files) Setup synced profiles to Vail (consistency across computers for family logins ;) But when it comes to security and Antivirus this solution is just short of being a true family server that does it all.

    From my Sys admin experience, Endpoint was always a solid central management solution that works in the windows environment and I know works with 2k9r2 and 7. So I decided to install and centralize everything (just because i can really)

    Upon installation i received this error.

    "When trying to install Endpoint 11, I receive the error "to continue the installation, make sure that the IIS and w3svc is installed and running on computers that run IIS 7.0 or later, the following iis role services must als be installed: asp.net, cgi, and iis 6.0 management compatibility."

    So basically I went straight to Server Manager and then IIS to make sure the needed services and Role services were active.

    1. Click on Server Manager in task bar and then select "Web Server (IIS)" on the right.

    2. Go to Role Services and Install ASP.net, .Net Extensibility, ASP, CGI and ALL IIS 6 options.

    3. Complete Install.

    Now you must go to all client computers and disable firewall (and on Vail server)

    Scan your subnet and install managed Clients on all systems.

    You will need to reboot a few times even more so of you are using network protection. But Once is all said and done. You will have one central place to monitor all your Home systems as well as a full media environment.

    Please note that I also use a New Downloads share on Vail with each user having a folder in there for their "Downloads Directory" until i sort the data into the right folders ... now to automate that and i am laughing



    James D


    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 6:34 PM

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  • Sorry it posted up incompleted, so the above is the Completed guide. Not much to it but makes system health easier to manage
    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 6:43 PM