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  • This is about about addressing the problem "OPs (Askers) are not marking answers":

    I'm sure part of the problem is that most newbies either don't get the whole "mark as answer or helpful" process or they are simply unaware of it. Because often they even post a final feedback message (like "thanks, that worked!") but don't mark, so i don't think its because they don't care.
    I think it could help, if before someone starts his very first thread, he would be presented a css-popup (or something other that he definitely can't miss) that would explain how it works and especially why it's important.

    Thanks, Denniver


    Hilf mit und markiere hilfreiche Beiträge als "Hilfreich" und Beiträge die deine Frage ganz oder teilweise beantwortet haben als "Antwort".

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012 9:55 AM

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  • Hi Denniver,

    How about bringing people's attention using a signature like the one we're using?

    Thank you!

    Please help and appreciate others by using these features: "Propose As Answer", "Vote As Helpful" and "Mark As Answer"

    Monday, February 13, 2012 8:57 PM
  • Denniver,

    In my opinion that won't go, this kind of help ends always as with legal words written EULA's which nobody understand. 

    I know you want no EULA, but that was also not the intention from those who created the rules of conduct; It started with a good short understandable rule and now it is almost a holly book.

    Let us try to keep things simple. There are enough who have this in their sig and there are very few in the community (including Microsoft employee's) who write it is not allowed. So let us keep it that way. Every regular community member can help other users with this and I know most do.

    It is in my opinion only horrible that it seems some moderators think that they are above the community and can do what they want and even remove or change messages because of that (I'm by the fact curious if they don't do with that legaly a crime as Microsoft guarantees privace for data behind live ID's and you know how the EU thinks about this kind of actions). But I think the message of BlueSky has reached the place where it should be.

    A pitty is that BlueSky uses BlueSky as his first name in his sig, I would like it more to write to a person than to the sky without clouds.



    Tuesday, February 14, 2012 9:44 AM
  • I posted this suggestion totally unrelated to BlueSkys case and while the subject is of course related, i see the reminder in the signature more targeted at people who do know about the feature, know how it works, but -for whatever reasons- just dont use it.

    But in addition to that, i feel that quite a few first time posters dont have a clue what this helpful/answer-thingy is and how to use it. Maybe they also hesitate because the dont wanna do something wrong. And maybe you're right and this would end up in an eula, but i think it has to be possible to explain just this very important feature in a few words, maybe even with just a few good drawings/pictures.

    And about the moderation problem, i think if a moderator thinks he can make up his own rules, he is simply not fit for the task and should be asked to step down. If the rules are different in every sub-forum and moderators act inconsistently and arbitrary, users will feel treated unjustly and in the end will go elsewhere. Nobody can want that.

    I posted a suggestion about dealing with moderation issues a while ago here (the part starting with "another issue...").

    cheers, Denniver


    Hilf mit und markiere hilfreiche Beiträge als "Hilfreich" und Beiträge die deine Frage ganz oder teilweise beantwortet haben als "Antwort".

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012 1:36 PM