CRM 2011: How to disabled Activate button based on a field value. RRS feed

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  • I have a pattern that I cannot seem to setup as an enabled rule. I am sure I am just looking at this wrong. I'm hoping someone can explain to me what I have setup incorrectly.

    I have a field value that I am looking at to determine when to disabled the Activate button for an entity.  We want to block some of these from being reactivated. So I am using the Ribbon Workbench and I have setup an enable rule.  There are four different values I am looking at, but only two are values that should disabled the button, the other two are not. 

    So I thought I set it up correctly by doing something like the following, where I only disabled it for the two values.  I think I can ignore the two that allow it to be enabled, as it is enabled by default.  But I cannot get it to work by inverting the response when the values match one of the two values I want to us to disable the button.  So I think I am missing something here on how to test these up.

    • OrGroup
    •     Or
    •         ValueRule    value1    invert= true
    •     Or
    •         ValueRule    value 2   invert=true

    So, what am I missing?  If I want to disabled it for either value 1 or value 2, but nothing else, is this how I would do it?

    Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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    Jon Gregory Rothlander

    Thursday, July 30, 2015 9:24 PM