Microsoft call centre transferred my call to "Click 4 Support" (scammers ?) RRS feed

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  • Let me emphasize this was NOT A COLD CALL from someone purporting to be Microsoft Technical Support.(we get a dozen of them a day and I can spot them from a mile off)
    I rang 1800 267 785 (sales support) because I have a problem with my account.
    (I have received an order confirmation, with product key, for VS Prof 2013 but the download does not show under my account)
    They transferred me to the accounts department who then transferred me to what they called "Tech Support".
    This person said that I could not see the downloads under my account page because I have a networking problem (seemed strange to me - I suspect more likely problem is a flag not set in the Microsoft Store database, or a missing child record).
    He then proceeded to run various diagnostics and show me various screens telling me that multiple external users were "Using My IP address".
    I was finding it very hard to understand his accent and the line to India was bad so I said I would show the results of
    netstat -sp tcp to my local ISP help desk. He became a bit agitated at this point and said that an ISP could not help me - only a trained Microsoft engineer.
    Anyway - I asked for his contact number and name (1877 836 8352, Pravin) and contacted my ISP.
    They confirmed that everything he was saying was nonsense.
    My Questions:
    1) has this happened to anyone else - I suspect that there might have a corrupt individual at one of the call centres transferring call to these people for a kick back - please correct me if I am maligning incorrectly.
    2) I gave him remote access but only recall seeing him run various diagnostics in the dos box. I bailed out before he sold me anything or installed anything.
    I am currently running ccleaner, malwarebytes,adwcleaner and jft to look for anything sinister - anything else I should do ?
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