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  • I am about to start a series of RSI/carpal surgeries that is going to really challenge my use of input devices.  So...

    Is there a fairly simple way of mapping voice commands (one word mostly) to keyboard keys?  

    I am imagining using a set PTT, speaking a command, and having said command (single key, multiple key {i.e. Shift+R}) executed in the same manner as I would map commands to an off mouse hand gaming/input device.  "CRAP!"--> '8' pressed...defensive cooldown to save the day!  

    There is a ton of accessibility information out there, so reading up on using voice commands for windows functions should be straight forward.  I just seem to find old or irrelevant posts with my searches, which I'm certain is due to my lack of terminology and, well...pretty much any knowledge of the subject.

    If I am completely in the wrong place, I apologize, continue on and have a wonderful day:)

    Thank You

    Wednesday, August 17, 2016 9:14 AM


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