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  • Hello All,

     I have browse most forums and offer advice, suggestion, etc, etc. And sometimes find out about

    something that is new and perhaps even later usable in my own programming adventures.

     However, there seems to be some lazyness to the forum requests.  It's not grammer or sentence structure.

    It is more about the Original Poster (OP).  I have seen threads topics that seem to be new programmer

    or school assignments.

     Don't miss understand, I am all for wanting to know. But, doesn't seem odd that, I can take a few minutes

    with a search engine and have abundant info versus the blind forum request. I mean, really, is it that difficult

    to "try" yourself before asking the forum?

     I would like to read your opinions about this topic. By the way, don't be a "troll". Just be mature. Thanks! :)

    Saturday, March 19, 2016 7:11 AM

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