Which drive does WHS use? RRS feed

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  • I'm wondering.

    Let's say you have multiple drives in your WHS server (obviously you need to, to a large degree), it presents just a ppol of storage to the end user, great..

    Now, we all know that it does not use any RAID like features except for folder duplication which is basically two copies of the folder on two different drives.

    However...If I have 3 clients writing files to WHS, obviosuly it will saturate the bandwidth of a single drive, does WHS choose different drives to write to, based on I/O load? What if there were multiple clients reading from it as well at the same time, would it decide to write to a diferent disk than the one that it is reading from?

    Saturday, February 24, 2007 3:30 AM


  • WHS picks a drive to write to based on some internal algorithm and stores something the WHS team calls tombstones on the primary drive so that they know where to find a particular file. I'm sure they do some kind of load balancing within drive extender but the extent of it can only be verified by someone on the team.
    Saturday, February 24, 2007 3:48 AM