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  • It is to my great surprise I read somewhere else that OneCare will be discontinued by June 2009. I hurried to our Forum just to read Steve's announcement of November 18.

    I'm not sure if the upcoming no-cost security solution from Microsoft, to replace OneCare, will be available to all current OneCare users (having a valid LiveID OneCare subscription). My own OneCare subscription will expire in February 2010.

    I must say I am truly sad that Microsoft has decided to discontinue OneCare. I can only say for myself it has worked just fine and it will be a loss when OneCare disappears. How do the rest of you guys feel ??

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008 11:46 AM

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  • Yes, I agree with you and I am very much surprised. Why would Microsoft stop with such a good product?

    I can imagine that everybody must be in the opportunity to have a free anti-malware product but is it not possible to keep both products beside eachother?


    Jan Kuipers, Netherlands

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008 7:41 PM
  • I'm going to preface this with the statement that none of this is inside information, it's simply personal observation of both the OneCare forums, and the current state of the computing world in general.


    I believe the entire situation has more to do with the current state of the economy as well as the cited reason to protect the 60% of users in this and more in other countries without current anti-malware of any kind. Though when they entered the market three years ago, Microsoft thought that the then estimated 70% of the [non-technical] market simply needed a good all-in-one protection program at a reasonable price, they haven't been able to deeply penetrate that market with OneCare. In an attempt to increase that penetration the product had slowly begun to 'bloat' with features, though not nearly to the extent of most others.


    As OneCare expanded into world markets it appears from the press releases and blog that the issues with limited hardware and cost/payment were becoming more problematic. This appears to be the primary reason for creating the streamlined anti-malware only application that will be provided for free in the 2nd half of 2009.


    Improving Global Access to Core PC Protection



    On top of all this, the global financial crisis and resulting recession in most countries has placed pressure on all organizations, so the 'fat trimming' has begun. This makes any overhead cost or duplication of effort within an organization a potential target, especially those that generate limited revenue.


    If you step back and look at it, OneCare was never intended to make much money, maybe just enough to pay for itself, since its primary purpose was to protect continued sales of the Windows OS. Since the Microsoft Anti-Malware Team feeds malware detections and engines to the MSRT, Defender, OneCare and ForeFront (business), there's obviously some overlap. Since business has the money and need, ForeFront is the only real moneymaker of the bunch, so optimizing the rest makes obvious sense.


    My guess is that an internal cost cutting edict to management resulted in the idea to better solve the Windows OS protection problem, but reduce the overhead and simplify the offerings at the same time. By limiting the free consumer offering to pure anti-malware, it removes most technical issues in the existing product and cuts most of the costs required in maintaining the back-end servers, likely using the existing Windows Update services for installation and updates as with Defender.


    This might also help resolve the identity problem that OneCare has always suffered and help with the penetration of the 60%+ of consumers PCs without current protection, the key reason this all occured in the first place.



    Thursday, November 20, 2008 7:13 AM