Win Home Server Would Like to see RRS feed

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  • The first part of this title Windows Home is what I feel the Server should be centered around.  All the goodies that we presently have to date are great, only the WHS should really be WSH; Server for the Home.


    What the user market is going to have to do is not only purchase the software, but also add another electrical item to their already stretched electrical bill.  My thought is to provide the public with Home Server software that can be initiated onto a computer that is already in the home.  A single computer that does the least amount of work, but does accomplish the basics; i.e., Outlook, Photo viewing, Music playingm to include the Serve part of it's job.


    This system could be set to be on a Start to, with an End time to SERVE the Home as a central point for ALL data files, music, photos, backups, etc.  This system at the same time can accomplish the minimum tasks of Outlook, Photo viewing, Music playing.


    Backing up computers in the home is usually accomplished late at night.  Upon completion of each backup, each can be shut down.  Upon completion of all backups/maintenance WHS shuts down.


    Right now any of us can put a system together of Vista, or XP, drop in some shared 650HDDs + another RAID set, install Acronis and we have a rough like WHS.  Importantly we are GREEN (expenses are only felt once) and we did not add anything that is causing our electrical bill to increase, nor did we dip into the budget for a system that all it does is set there waitting to be touched by another computer. 


    To me this WHS is goodness, but it has once again become a wonderful costly pedagree pet that eats and .......  $$$$


    Anybody else see this, or have I again been sparked by my ever increasing electrical bill?

    Saturday, May 26, 2007 9:31 PM