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  • I have looked through the forums and have no idea where to ask this question so please feel free to suggest where to move it if you know.

    I am working with an extensive set of PowerShell 2.0 scripts as part of our work on the Automated Scripting of the new SharePoint 2010 farns for installation to VMs which we will be using heavily for testing. I normally work in PowerGui but would like to move over to Visual Studio for this work.  I am thinking it would be really nice to come up with a diagram using the UML Modeling tools in VS 2010 Ultimate so that I can visually present the script dependencies as part of my documentation for this project.  Have any of you tried to use these modeling tools with PowerShell?  Some of the scripts call .NET objects, some call WMI objects and so I'm not sure it will work or how to do it.  What are your thoughts on this ?

    Keith Caravelli
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  • Hi Keith,

    I don't think the UML diagrams support this, but the Visual Studio 2010 Visualization & Modeling Tools forum is the place for these questions: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vsarch/threads. You can create dependency graphs and layer diagrams from .NET code and if you also have the Visualization & Modeling Feature Pack, for C/C++ code also.


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